tisdag 22 september 2015

Fun facts about Gilmore Girls

Jag ÄLSKAR Gilmore Girls, finns ingen bättre serie så här kommer lite fun facts. Så kan vi gotta oss lite tillsammans!

- Sean Gunn (Kirk) played more than one character in the show. His first appearance was in Season 1 Episode 2 as "Mick" Lorelai’s DSL installer.

-  Alexis Bledel actually hates coffee. She had her cup filled with coke throughout the show.

-  Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated IRL, even after their on-screen characters broke up.

- A Jess spin-off almost happened. Läs mer här

-   The character of Lane was based off Amy Sherman-Palladino’s best friend Helen Pai, who was a producer on the show.

-  Although hints are dropped, Michel is never officially outed as gay in the show.

-  The character of Luke was originally supposed to be a woman with a minor role named Daisy.

Nu blev jag sååå otroligt sugen på att se om Gilmore Girls, men jag är även så sugen att se om Desperate Housewifes, One Tree Hill eller Hart of dixie. Svåra beslut...:(

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